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Why would I need a Behavior Consult?


Did you know that behavior problems are the primary reason that otherwise healthy pets are euthanized, or are relinquished at shelters?    Many, if not most, of these pets do not get adopted, or they get adopted and returned shortly thereafter.  How many times have you seen an ad in the paper that describes an offered dog as "needs room to run"?  This usually means the dog is out of control because he/she has had no boundaries set.  Oftentimes, families choose the wrong type of dog as a pet.  We can help you choose the right type of pet for your lifestyle.  And we can help you keep your pet, by providing you with instructions on how to change your dog's attitude.  Diagnosing and treating fear and anxiety is our pets is key to creating a harmonious household.

COVID-19 has resulted in many dogs developing separation anxiety- a very challenging case to treat.  Or dogs that did not get properly socialized due to the pandemic live in a world of fear, and can be aggressive as a result.


How many times have you seen an obviously indoor cat (like it is declawed) outdoors?  It could be that their lack of proper litterbox behavior has caused their banishment from the home.  Cats living outdoors are at risk due to a variety of factors (hit by car, disease, and predation).  We can help you keep your cat indoors.  Sometimes, the problem is cats fighting in a multi-cat household.  Learn how to safely introduce new pets to the household.


Behavior consults are done in your pet's home, where they are more likely to be comfortable and to "practice" their unacceptable behavior.   What are typical dog behavior problems?  They range from incomplete housetraining, to being afraid of fireworks/thunderstorms, all the way up to aggression towards people and other pets.


Changing your pets' behavior takes time, your families' full commitment, and may also require medication for success.

I start with a detailed behavior questionnaire that owners complete; I take a $50 non-refundable deposit at the time questionnaire is sent.  After reviewing this, I will schedule an in-home visit of approximately 2 1/2 hours, so that I can see your pets in their own home and get more information to aid in developing a behavior diagnosis and treatment plan.   You will be sent a detailed plan and helpful training tips.  Follow-ups by phone or email are available for up to three months after the consult if you are having any problems with your treatment plan.

I work with your veterinarian to rule out underlying health problems that are affecting your pet's behavior.  They may need to perform laboratory tests or take x-rays that I cannot do.  With all of us working together, we have the best chance of enriching you and your pet's lives.

Behavior consult fee $350; trip fees*  apply if more than 25 miles from my home in Champaign.

* see my Concierge Veterinary Services page for details

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