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Environmental inventory of yard and house for common toxic plants as well as hazardous chemicals


Andrea's training in veterinary toxicology can help protect your pets from toxic plants, as well as other common toxins, both inside and outside of your home


Did you know that, according to the Pet Poison Helpline, the top poison in your household for dogs is CHOCOLATE?  After that, rat and mouse poisons and your own medications can be a hazard for dogs and cats.


Did you know that true lilies, such as Stargazer lilies, Easter lilies and Daylilies are extremely toxic to your cat?  Cats are very curious, and the slightest amount of pollen that ends up on their fur and is consumed during grooming can cause kidney failure.


We can help make you aware of danger, and how to keep everyone safe.   The web site has a great deal of useful information and should your pet become ill from toxin exposure, you will need to seek medical attention.  Human Poison Control centers will be unable to help you with your pet.  For your convenience (and this is not an endorsement of them), I have provided a link below that will bring you to the homepage for the Pet Poison Helpline.

"Champaign-Urbana Illinois area housecall veterinarian
"Champaign-Urbana Illinois area housecall veterinarian

On-site toxicological inventory of yard and household plants $75

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